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The Beginning:

It all started when me and my explorers went to planet VUR-8ANK. We were assigned to this mission to find a planet with reasonable resources because our stocks were running low. It took us about 2 weeks to arrive at the funny looking planet, it almost seemed like it had a face. At first glance it was just your normal habitable planet with trees, animals, plants, etc. and decided to split ourselves into groups of 4 resulting in 3 parties. Party 1 was named Wolf which focused on researching the plants and creatures of planet VUR-8ANK. Party 2 was named Geode which focused on finding what kind of resources and materials can be foraged from this planet. Lastly, Party 3 was named Gray, which solely focused on finding any traces of intelligent life. I was with team Gray and headed what the compass deemed south. After resolving our groups, we then decided to head out around 8:32 a.m. I'd say we traveled about 2.3 km away from the others to be stopped by a strange stone pillar with paintings and engravings on it. As our job, we inspected it while taking samples and pictures. The paintings all seemed to have creatures with similar faces, each creature that was drawn were different yet their faces were the same and below were engraved writings. we couldn't make it out since this was not in our language so we took a picture and decided to head further into the planet. As we were walking I saw some wildlife and decided for our group to rest a little so I could get a chance to observe them. As we all sat down, team Wolf tried to contact us but their chatter was fuzzy, we didn't pay much attention to it, we thought it was them warning us about a dangerous creature they found like always, but we're always equipped with the highest grade weapons so there wasn't much to worry about. I took out my sketchbook to draw the flying creature I saw earlier and began to draw. Funny enough when I was drawing and reaching its face, it almost seemed familiar, as if I just saw it recently. Then I remembered the pillar, the creatures. I grabbed one of our professor's bags and started rummaging through it for the photo we took. When I found it I compared it to my drawing and the bird-like creature I drew. They both had very, VERY, similar faces. I told the others “I think we should head back now.” And so we packed our shit and began our walk back. Half way through the walk I saw an unnerving looking elk creature and it turned its head towards us. The way the creature did it was a bit nerve racking, it’s body slightly twisted as the neck and head moved slowly to look at us, to observe. What made my heart drop though was its face, the same face that the other creatures had. Before my mind could think deeper on this, team Wolf tried contacting us again and they sounded panicked. “Team Gray! We must leave this planet immediately. There’s a parasite that morphs within living creatures and puts them into a zombie like state.” We responded “Are you sure what this is, is a parasite and not a virus? Is anyone injured and is there a way to get rid of it?” Their radio cut off and we rushed back to the ship. We began to run and got back within 30 minutes to only see the entire Team Geode crawling and walking around. They had a thousand yard stare and looked at us for a good 2 minutes before heading into our direction. Team Wolf was heard through the radio “RUSH TO THE SHIP! NOW!” All 4 of us made a run for it but the zombified researchers sprinted towards us too. I had to do something so I decided to take out my rifle and began blasting at them. Team Wolf started yelling into the radio again “Don’t shoot them, it’ll only make it worse” I let go of the trigger “How so?” I responded. I can hear scrambling and movement within the radio “As we were observing and sampling the animals here, we noticed all of their faces were the same. At first we thought this was evolutionary, but when we tested the samples, it turns out there’s a parasite that has fucked it up. The parasites spread through every cell and begin to morph you, first your physical strength will deteriorate and quickly recover making you stronger than usual. Next you will begin to feel your face squeezing in on itself, slowly and painfully forming your face into those things. And lastly, your mind will slowly lose itself turning you into a potato. I witnessed this when 

Dr. Frednick took off his gloves to touch a creature. Meaning any open areas on your body will allow the parasite to infect you, but it can only spread if you’ve touched the infected.” I nodded and put away my rifle “So that means we can’t let any infected cells to get on board the ship, like blood.'' I said worriedly. Unfortunately our weapons cause creatures to explode so that leaves us unarmed and it makes it harder to get to the ship, especially since we can't get touched. I told the others that our best shot was to spread out and run towards the ship to ensure that the infected would not group around us. We began to run as fast as we could and the infected researchers split up as I intended. We were about 21 yards away and the ship doors were beginning to open. 19 yards away, we were almost there but then I heard a scream, Professor Naut was grabbed by the leg from a crawling researcher. He screamed and yelled for help but I knew it was too late. As much as I wanted to help he was now infected and I kept on running. His screams grew louder and I turned to look, to observe what happens to the infected. Turns out the Professor’s leg was just gripped so hard that his foot was ripped from his legs and he began to scream a scream I never heard before. It was this scream that made things even worse. The wildlife began coming out from the forest and started to chase. The flying creatures were even more bothersome as they quickly caught up. Evangeline was next to be a victim to this parasite. She was caught and stabbed through the chest by a horned creature as she tried to scream but couldn’t as she was stabbed through her lungs.10 yards, I felt like an olympic runner at this point as I have never ran this fast before. 5 yards, Conner was right behind me and I grabbed him to throw him onto the ship. Within 2 yards, I tossed Connor and threw myself on board as the ship doors began to close. I tried getting up, but I ended up tumbling back down due to the ship shaking from blasting off. As soon as we got out into orbit, we were greeted by a familiar figure, one of the Team Wolf members, Harley. She greeted and hugged us, quickly rushing us into the creature lab. In the containment area, she showed us a bird like creature within a glass box. Of course it’s face was the same as the others on plant VUR-8ANK. “At first, it doesn't get aggressive.'' Harley stated. I tapped on the glass display, not much reaction as I expected. “They don’t react unless they sense extreme distress or if they have seen your face. Luckily for us we always wear our helmets.” I began to examine the room we were in and noticed the lack of members. “What happened to your team, Harley?” I asked. “Gone, dead, left on the planet. They got infected by trying to help Dr. Frednick.” Depressingly, I turned away from the creature and began walking to the control room. A thought popped into my head and I turned to Harley before stepping through the door, wanting to ask one last question. But before I knew it Connor was acting strange, his face started making weird expressions and Harley slowly backed away. “RUN!” I yelled and she rushed her way to me. Connor began crying and asking us to help him but his words slowly started to slur and become gibberish. He then had the face of the creatures and had that thousand yard stare the others had. He started trotting his way to us before making a full sprint which startled me so I threw Harley into the control room before entering myself and closing the door shut. A few hours passed before the sound of our first escape shuttle blasted off into space. We don’t know where he went or what it wanted but all i know as of now, is that it’s gonna spread throughout the entire universe if we don’t do something now. He even took the bird specimen so the only known way of getting a sample and testing out a cure is to go back to planet VUR-8ANK. Me? I'm not going back there, and I don't think Harley will either.

If you're a writer or Artist, spread the invasion. spread the @Vurbank Invasion with your art or writing.




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